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We offer free transfer of your WordPress website to us.

Quality assure your website on fast servers with: HTTPS, SSH, WP-WP Rocket och 17 insertcart and 225 SKT themes Premium wordpress templates are included for free.

WordPress Web Hosting






  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited number of email addresses
  • Unlimited redundant storage
  • Weekly
  • 24/7 Technical Support.

Quick facts about WordPress

Over 70 million people use WordPress today

Over 20,000 free WordPress themes to choose from

Over 30,000 free WordPress plugins to choose from

Superior performance

Websites load very fast thanks to our web server accelerator and solid state hard drive (SSD). Our WordPress packages come with malware protection and performance optimization tools. If you focus on building the best website for your needs, we will take care of the rest.

Expert Support

Our support consists of experienced developers and performance experts, who will solve any problems you may have. Our team knows exactly how the largest platforms are optimized for speed.

Web Hosting Feature's
Cloud Hosting
Speed ​​developments with a converged infrastructure

Agile scaling. Solid performance. High performance servers, Our servers are among the fastest and most stable in the market. Of course, you can scale them up and down in capacity as your needs change. In addition, we only use solid SSD (Solid State Drive) disk for all our servers.

Dedicated Hosting
Maximum security through redundant data storage.

Monitoring & availability With our built-in monitoring engine Iris, you are first to find out if something goes wrong with your Web host, site or Server. We back up your files several times a day and you can easily access our backups via FTP.

Secure Hosting
DDoS Mitigation

The network on which our servers run has been equipped with anti-ddose equipment, which makes your website safer.

Firewall and security for cPanel

All of our servers have professional firewalls, CageFS and ClamAV with 24/7 monitoring to keep your site secure.

Threat Management
Threat Management

Threat management is a comprehensive approach to network security that handles several types of malicious software, as well as mixed threats and spam and protects against intrusion at both gateway and endpoint levels. Components of an integrated threat management system are included in each web hosting architecture.

Simple and Affordable E-Commerce

Starting your own webshop has never been easier! With just a few clicks you create your very own e-commerce store. You do not need any experience with PHP or HTML but choose from 100 professionally designed templates which you can then easily customize to your specific products.

E-Commerce Web Hosting
Simple checkout

Get a note directly on your mobile as soon as your customers pay. We offer support for a variety of payment options such as Invoice, Stripe, PayPal, Skrill and many more.

E-Commerce Web Hosting
Own Domain Name

Give your webshop a good name! We offer over 1000 top-level domains to choose from!

E-Commerce Web Hosting
Unlimited resources

With e-commerce from Malmo Cloud you can grow without problems! You get unlimited traffic, redundant cloud space and unlimited email addresses.

Webbhotell Support
Award winning support in English. If you need us, we are always here!

We help you with installation, activation and set up. Your first website or FTP problem? Our experts have the answers to all your questions on chat, email and phone.

Live Chat

You can always talk to Malmo Cloud web hosting via our chat system.

Support Tickets

Malmo Cloud web hosting has quality support every day of the year through business systems, e-mails and chat.

24X7 Call Center

Malmo Cloud web hosting has telephone support 24/7

Social Media

Malmo Cloud post status updates on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, you can always check them first for our latest news.

Webbhotell SLA
Guaranteed SLA

All of our servers come with instant hardware replacement and a 100% network maintenance guarantee.

Webbhotell Malmö Cloud
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