Mobile devices have become the norm today as people use them to surf the internet. The rate at which this is happening is astounding. However, not a huge part of the web has been optimizing for such devices. Display sizes have always been a problem for mobile devices and a wholly new approach is required if the content is to appear on virtually any device's screen used to browse the internet.

Across the world today are all manner of screen sizes from game consoles, desktop computers, tablets, wearable's, televisions to ‘phablets’ among others. It's also obvious that screen size is dynamic and keeps changing all the time; any website has to perfectly adapt to any new screen size that will be released in the future.

Responcive Web Design

  • A different approach in web design

This is where the concept of responsive web design comes. First defined in A List Apart by Ethan Marcotte, responsive web design is a new way of designing sites in a way that, rather than creating mobile sites and desktop sites differently, you only design one site that responds to the devices users are using to access it.

It is something you need to think about before you decide on your Web Hosting needs and exactly what type of hosting you need. In responsive web design, the layout of the site changes as per the device's capabilities and size. A good example is that while content appears in two or three columns on a Smartphone, it is only visible as a single column in a laptop computer.

In 2012, PC sales went down as the sales of Tablets went up; sales were projected to hit 100 million tablets in a single year. In the United States alone, virtually everyone now has a Smartphone, as most of the traffic on websites is now more from mobile devices than ever before. 
For all the 100 million mobile device screens, website designers have to think about them as well, which is not a choice but a necessity.
According to a PRC analysis report, 60 percent of people on Tablets prefer catching up on news reports on mobile web rather than apps. It means even if you are thinking about an app a wonderful, responsive and easy to use mobile website is necessary.

A responsive web designer is responsible for the task of creating a site where screen layouts, images, videos, audio players and text among other navigation elements, together with most user interface features. Must automatically readjust as per the device. As a website owner who is about to get the best Web Hosting that works well with both mobile sites and responsive web design. Allowing you to save resources in terms of money and time developing and maintaining a mobile website and a desktop website version for the same site-one is enough.

Why responsive web design in this time and age for your website?

Responcive Web Design

  • Enhanced search engine rankings

Over 67 percent of the searches being done on the web today are being done on Google. It means if you want to rank well in Google and other search engines you have no choice but create a responsive website; the giant search engine has already indicated mobile friendliness is a great practice within the industry. Google actually went a step further and labelled all responsive websites as mobile friendly wherever they appeared on search results on mobile devices.

At the same time, Google clearly warned that by April 2015 mobile friendliness will be a critical ranking signal, which has already come to pass. If you have noticed, responsive websites have been rewarded well by Google as they support diverse devices. A website that is not responsive will be definitely penalized by the giant search engine. Today, responsive web design is necessary for any website owner and a critical component of search engine optimization marketing strategies.

  • Timeless scalability

Responsive web design more than anything else is an advantage to a website owner and a company; you don't have to think about responsive and mobile browsing all the time, particularly with the way new mobile devices are being released in the market today. A website that’s mobile friendly means no matter the device that a user will be surfing the web through tomorrow, it will be responsive and they’ll access the company's content without a problem. A website will not be using more money to have a mobile version of the desktop computer website version created to fit the screen and browsing needs of a new device in the market.

  • Search engine optimization will be easier to manage

A website that is highly responsive in its design ensures the owner does not have to spend a lot on SEO campaigns on various versions of the same website but just a single website. It means those whose websites are not responsive have to cough up more funds for mobile versions of their sites to be created. More SEO campaigns will be required for each version, which will be very expensive in the long run. A mobile friendly site means that only one marketing campaign is needed and it will be much more effective on all devices the site is accessible from.

  • Meets the expectations of users

Today there are all manner of visitors to a website and users of different products and services on blogs and websites are always changing. No matter the kind of device a user is using, he/she expects to surf the internet through that device as easily as he/she has been doing on a laptop or desktop PC. Initially, when the web design industry found about this they started designing mobile versions of existing websites, which was expensive and time consuming to maintain for website owners; it was also short-lived.

Responcive Web Design

At the time not many people had access to Smartphones and Tablets whose proliferation has increased in the recent. Now the world is turning mobile and users expects that when they click the link to a page on your site via their mobile devices they'll be able to access your content as easily as they would through a desktop computer.

Responsive web design is the first thing you need to think about before you even think about the best Web Hosting for your site.

We hope this article has been of some help to you and answered many of your questions.