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Malmo Clouds. servers are housed in one of the largest and most sophisticated data centres in the New York Metro area. Our infrastructure has been designed to provide speed and accessibility without compromising on cost. We operate a secure environment that is staffed 24/7/365 to ensure quick response for all situations.

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World class Infrastructure

Malmo Clouds. The data center has been equipped with n + 2 power redundancy, n + 2 diesel powered emergency generators and an n + 2 cooling infrastructure.

Physical Security

Malmo Cloud's. The data center has a ballistic glass enclosed, secure front window and access loading dock. Access to Datacenter is protected by a quad-authentication platform consisting of, key cards, biometric, video surveillance and access control of personal protection. A security fence surrounds the entire ground area / building with a permanently manned perimeter guard house.

Powerful Rack Architecture

Each cabinet contains network and power supply with 20Gbps and 22kW amps respectively to guarantee a 100% SLA guarantee.

Going GREEN Initiative

Our energy-efficient LEED-certified data center also harnesses the efficiency of giant solar energy generators. There are more than 6,000 solar panels that can generate 2,167 MW at maximum power. An important feature of this environmental design is the harvesting of the rainwater which is reused to cool down our servers. No other data center facility in the region uses this environmental design.


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